NIFTEM is making an effort to seamlessly blend various facets of the food industry from production to retail, to ensure that all those involved in these activities reap the maximum possible benefits. It envisages being a focal point for catalyzing the growth of food processing industries. The Institute is offering B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph. D. degree programmes in Food Technology and Management and at the same time taking up initiatives for research and extension activities. For designing the curriculum of the proposed B. Tech. and M. Tech. courses, a Task Force of subject experts was constituted. They prepared a detailed syllabus which was sent for an extensive review to about 250 distinguished professionals in the area of food science and technology both at the national as well as the international level. The results of the same have now been compiled and inducted as per the suggestions and comments proposed by the reviewers from the food processing industry, as well the academic institutes. A unique flavour of the curriculum is the blend of technology and management which is reflected in the undergraduate and post graduate programmes of NIFTEM.

B. Tech. Programme:
At undergraduate level NIFTEM offers B. Tech. degree programme in Food Technology and Management. This programme is unique in India and blends the basic essence of Food Science, Engineering and Management, meeting the needs of the food sector. The duration of the course is four years divided into two semesters per year.

M. Tech. Programmes:
Five M. Tech. programmes are being offered for the academic year 2013-14.  These programmes provide freedom to choose a broad area of specialisation through programme specific thematic areas and electives offered within the programmes. Following are the five M. Tech. programmes being offered during 2012-13.

  • M. Tech. (Food Supply Chain Management) - offered by Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • M. Tech. (Food Safety and Quality Management) - offered by Department of Basic and Applied Science.
  • M. Tech. (Food Process Engineering and Management) - offered by Department of Engineering.
  • M. Tech. (Food Plant Operations Management) - offered by Department of Food Business Management & Entrepreneurship Development
  • M. Tech. (Food Technology and Management) - offered by Department of Food Science and Technology.
Ph.D. programme:NIFTEM has launched Ph.D. Programme in each of the above Five Departments with an in take of two students in each Department with the provisions of Reservation as per GOI rules. Ph.D. regulations have been prepared and uploaded on the website of NIFTEM.